Welcome to Gardiner Custom Boards! Kris Lamoreau and Josh Wade

Welcome to Gardiner Custom Boards! Kris Lamoreau and Josh Wade

Welcome to Gardiner Custom Boards! Kris Lamoreau and Josh Wade Welcome to Gardiner Custom Boards! Kris Lamoreau and Josh Wade Welcome to Gardiner Custom Boards! Kris Lamoreau and Josh Wade

Built to order custom cornhole boards and accessories. Find us on Facebook @gardinercustomboards 





Game is played with 2-4 players.

Boards are placed 27' apart from front of the board to the front of the opposite board.



Players must throw underhand from behind the front of their respective boards.

Throws are alternating between teams.

Team that scores last throws first in the next frame.



1 point for a bag on the board, 3 points for a bag in the hole.

Bags must be completely on the board to count.

Points each frame cancel out the points of their opponent. 

Game is played until one team has at least 21 points, must win by 2 points. 11-0 is a skunk.


New Sample Skin section


Not sure what you're looking for? Please visit our sample skin section at the top of the page for some ideas. If you see something you like let us know, if you see a style you like but want a different team/logo we would be happy to try to find you what you're looking for!

*Can't guarantee all skins will always be available. Please check with us for availability. 

Cornhole boards

Unfinished Boards


Want plain boards? Maybe you want to finish them yourself? Our boards are made with premium 2x4s with all corners mitered and glued. The tops are made of 1/2” Sande plywood which is glued to the frame with the holes wood filled on all boards. Legs fold for easy storage.

Custom Painted/Stained


Looking for a certain color or paint scheme?  We will paint/stain your boards any color and design you want!

Vinyl Skin


From College to the Pros, let us know what team. Looking for something other than sports? 1000s of wraps available! We will find it for you.

Also available:

Custom photo skins. Add your own photo/image to make a personal set of vinyl skin boards!

PVC Boards

Want a weather resistant set for home or camp? Try a PVC set. Built completely out of PVC, this set will withstand rain and snow! Can even be personalized with a skin or vinyl lettering!

*skin or vinyl lettering not guaranteed to stand up to the elements.


Personalized lettering


Want a little more personal touch on a set of boards? Make them truly custom by adding your name in vinyl letters to the front or sides of your boards. Available in many colors.

Board carrying case

Carry you boards easily with this Tailgating Pros board carrying case.

Carry you boards easily with this Tailgating Pros board carrying case.  



Keep score with these great score boards. Includes one red and one blue pin to easily keep track of who on top!

Light ropes/Light Rings


  • EVERYTHING INCLUDED – Our Light Set Includes (2) Light Rings w/ 36 LEDS, (2) Quick Connect Battery Packs, (6) AA Batteries.
  • SUPER BRIGHT 36 LEDs- Take your Boards and Game to the Next Level with our 2 piece LED Cornhole Light
  • ADVANCED DESIGN -The Competition Requires you to Drill into your Cornhole Boards, but these Quickly Snap on to Keep your Boards Free of Holes.
  • SNAP & PLAY - Use this Set of Lights on Multiple Sets of Boards, Our Lights can Quickly Snap On and Off of Most Board Sets.
  • MULTICOLOR LED RING - This Light Ring Offers Different Speeds and 10 Different Color Options!


  • INCLUDED – (2) 12 ft LED Ropes in your Choice of Color, (2) Waterproof Battery Cases with Adhesive Backing, (1) Pack of Mounting Hardware.
  • SUPER BRIGHT LEDs- Take your Boards and Game to the Next Level with our 24 foot Rope LED Package!
  • ADVANCED DESIGN - Our Water Resistant LED Ropes and Battery Packs Can get Wet but Should not be Submerged
  • EASY INSTALL - Use the Provided Hardware to Attach your New Rope LEDs to your Boards

Carry holes/cupholders

Add carry holes or cupholders to your boards

Add carry holes to yourboards for easy transportation or cupholders for convenience!



Bags available in 28 colors/patterns. Bags are regulation size, measuring 6"x 6" and weighing 15-16 oz. They made from high quality duck cloth and come in your choice of corn, synthetic corn or all weather resin filled.

Colors include: baby blue, black, white, gold, red, scarlet, hunter green, charcoal, maroon, orange, pink, purple, turquoise, lime green, yellow, royal blue, brown, gray, kelly green, navy blue, stars, stripes, distressed stars, distressed stripes, blue camo, orange camo, green camo, pink camo.



The Traditional

Synthetic Corn


Feels like regular corn with the benefits of resin.



Weather resistant/waterproof



"Stop and Go" bags. One side is Duck canvas for slide play and one side suede for non-slide controlled shots.

Cornhole board/ bag price list


Carrying case

Transport your boards with the handy carrying case.



Keep track of who's winning!


Carry holes/cupholders

Carry them with ease.


Somewhere to put your drink!


Want both?


Light ring/ropes

Light up the hole.

Red, White, Blue, Green, Purple, Amber


Multi color


Around the board.

Red, White, Blue, Green, Amber


Have both.


Cornhole board care


Temperature changes can cause wood to expand and contract over time. It could impact the look and strength of the boards. For storage, we recommend that you store it below 85 degrees.

Changes in the humidity, especially sudden changes, are a concern for wood. A temperature controlled environment is best suited for storage of the cornhole boards. The ideal range of temperature for wood storage is 70 to 72 degrees with humidity levels kept within a range between 40 and 60 percent. In excess of 70%, the wood and finishes can peel or bubble when the humidity level drops suddenly. The effects humidity can have on our boards are warping, cracking, bubbling, and peeling.


There should be nothing touching the boards to keep the integrity in tact. We recommend storing them flat (not upright). 

To prevent scratches or damages keep them covered by purchasing our carrying case. We cover the surface of our boards with polyurethane to help protect them. They still should not be left outside in the rain. We recommend keeping them under cover when not in use.

Ordering/ Contact Us

Questions? Ready to order? Fill out the information below including skin choice, paint colors, light ring color and bag color/filling choice and we will email you a Square/PayPal payment invoice with your total. Thanks!

Gardiner Custom Boards

Kristopher Lamoreau and Josh Wade

19 Riverview Drive, South Gardiner, Maine 04359, United States

Kris (207) 607-3585 or Josh (207) 441-8524